Ready, Set, Sketch: Luther Burbank Center for the Arts & Farmer’s Market!

Come join us SATURDAY July 9 at 10am-1pm at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts for the next “Ready, Set, Sketch!” group outing.

Saturday is the farmer’s market at the Center so we’ll be in no shortage of things to draw. There’s also this wonderful sculpture exhibit:
“Root 101,” the inaugural exhibit by Bruce Johnson is comprised of colossal wood sculptures made from salvaged old growth redwood, which he has been working with for 50 years. Three years ago, Johnson acquired 80 tons (four truckloads) of huge salvaged redwood stumps and chunks, some trees over 1,000 years old near a tributary to the Eel River. “There is something primal and archetypal about these huge water washed forms,” observes Johnson. “Within the form of roots and swirl of grain you can see and touch patterns of nature and feel the fractal expression of growth and energy. These materials are the heart of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts exhibit.”
And then there’s the Luther Burbank Center it’s self that’s worthy of drawing.

We’ll meet at 10am on the north side of the Center near the ticket office, then disperse to sketch around the area. We’ll meet back at 1pm to share our sketches.

All you need is something to draw on and something to draw with (it’s also nice to have a chair to sit on).

It is a great place to explore and has plenty of sketching opportunities!

Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
50 Mark West Springs Road
Santa Rosa
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