Extra Sketch Session: April Fool’s Day Parade

An extra sketch session from our fellow sketcher Susan Cornelis:

I would like to invite the Ready Set Sketchers to the Fool’s Day Parade in Occidental, April 1st. http://www.occidentalfoolsparade.com/  Meet at the Occidental Community Center, in costume, at noon. If you like to sketch people in costume, there’s no better setting. Walk in the parade while sketching or sit on the street and watch. The Hubbub Club band and others music, food, a talent show, It’s all totally foolish and fun.

I’ve sketched there the past two years. Here’s some of my sketches: http://susancornelis.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/fools-day-parade-2/
Hope to see you there!

Ready, Set, Sketch: Santa Rosa Junior College!

It looks like the weather is going to (mostly) cooperate for us on Saturday. Clouds but no rain is plenty good enough for sketching!

Santa Rosa Junior College is a beautiful college with lots of buildings, gardens, and people to sketch. We’ll meet on the south side
of the art building (Analy Hall) at 10am this Saturday March 11. Parking on campus is $4 a day but there is some off campus parking, if
you can find it. It’s a Saturday, so parking in general shouldn’t be too hard. But still you might give yourself a few extra minutes to park and walk to our sketching
Bring a sketchbook and a chair and see you there!


Ready Set, Sketch: Cloverdale Citrus Fair!

Since the weather is looking good for Saturday, I thought I’d head over to the Citrus fair and do some sketching. Wanna join me?
• General Admission ages 13-61: $8.00
• Senior Admission ages 62+: $5.00
DATE: Saturday February 18
TIME: 10am — to ? Meet at the entrance before 10am. After 10am, I’ll be inside sketching.
PARKING Suggestion: Lot on Commercial St. (in between 1st and 2nd street) or street parking is your best bet.

Exit 101: Citrus Fair Dr., Cloverdale

Website for more info: http://cloverdalecitrusfair.org

Ready, Set, Sketch: Windsor!

As many of you know, Susan Cornelis and I will be teaching classes at the Urban Sketchers 10 x 10 workshop series this spring! Our kick-off party is this Saturday, the same day as our usual sketch meet-up. Since Susan and I (and Phil too!) will be going down to San Francisco, I’m going to set up a meeting at Starbucks Windsor Town Green location. All sketchers should meet there at the usual time of 10am and then return to share your sketches at 1pm. I’m sorry to have to miss it but it’s important for Susan and I to be at the kick-off party to promote the event. Any of you are welcome to attend the USk 10×10 party, we’d love to see you there! Click this link to find out more about the event.

Happy sketching!

Oh, and please post your sketches on Facebook!

10 Years x 10 Classes – Urban Sketchers Celebrate 10 Years!

In 2017 Urban Sketchers will celebrate its 10 year anniversary by introducing the first year long USk program ever! We invite all sketchers (and especially those who want to learn to be sketchers) around the world to attend 10 on-location classes with USk official instructors in a city near you to learn or improve the core value of Urban Sketching: sketch the world, one drawing at a time.

Ready, Set, Sketch: Healdsburg!

Come join us SATURDAY November 12 at 10am-1pm in Healdsburg for the next “Ready, Set, Sketch!” group outing!

It looks like the rain will happen Friday instead of Saturday and the colors of the tree and vineyards are in full swing.
healdsburgs-gazeebo-in-the-plaza screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-8-01-03-am

We’ll meet at 10am at the gazebo, located in the downtown plaza then disperse to sketch around the area. We’ll meet back at 1pm to share our sketches.

The town of Healdsburg has an endless supply of sketching opportunities, restaurants, wine tasting rooms, coffee shops, and books stores.

The farmers market is also happening between 9am-noon, just off the plaza.
All you need is something to draw on and something to draw with (it’s also nice to have a chair to sit on).
The best place to park is along Grove or Vine St, west of the plaza.
Please watch out for limited time parking closer to the plaza!
Hope to see you all there!!!

Ready, Set, Sketch: Jimtown!



It’s nice to have rain but it’s even nicer to have sun for our next Ready, Set, Sketch meetup!

 Come join us this SATURDAY October 8 at 10am-1pm at Jimtown Store for the next “Ready, Set, Sketch” group outing!
We’ll meet out front of Jimtown Store at 10am. There are many sketching opportunities in the area and a few
that are just a short drive away including Soda Rock Winery just up the road.
Hope to see you all there!

Ready, Set, Sketch: Duncans Mills!

Come join us this SATURDAY August 13 at 10am-1pm at Duncans Mills for the next “Ready, Set, Sketch” group outing! All you really need is something to draw on and something to draw with but it’s also nice to have a chair to sit on. Duncans Mills is a great place to explore, shop, eat, and most important, plenty of sketching opportunities!Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.57.07 PM

Ready, Set, Sketch: Luther Burbank Center for the Arts & Farmer’s Market!

Come join us SATURDAY July 9 at 10am-1pm at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts for the next “Ready, Set, Sketch!” group outing.

Saturday is the farmer’s market at the Center so we’ll be in no shortage of things to draw. There’s also this wonderful sculpture exhibit:
“Root 101,” the inaugural exhibit by Bruce Johnson is comprised of colossal wood sculptures made from salvaged old growth redwood, which he has been working with for 50 years. Three years ago, Johnson acquired 80 tons (four truckloads) of huge salvaged redwood stumps and chunks, some trees over 1,000 years old near a tributary to the Eel River. “There is something primal and archetypal about these huge water washed forms,” observes Johnson. “Within the form of roots and swirl of grain you can see and touch patterns of nature and feel the fractal expression of growth and energy. These materials are the heart of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts exhibit.”
And then there’s the Luther Burbank Center it’s self that’s worthy of drawing.

We’ll meet at 10am on the north side of the Center near the ticket office, then disperse to sketch around the area. We’ll meet back at 1pm to share our sketches.

All you need is something to draw on and something to draw with (it’s also nice to have a chair to sit on).

It is a great place to explore and has plenty of sketching opportunities!

Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
50 Mark West Springs Road
Santa Rosa
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.24.48 AM